Sunday, August 28, 2011

Caught Up In The Matrix PT.2....But We Proceed and Continue...

Just left the probation office;  it seems just people of color are caught up in the system!

Caught up in the matrix; whose faking it?  caking it up.. then sold another one out!!...said they were going in getting it in...going all out; so how are you living?

Reality checks are issued; some are waiting on Ben Bernanke to wave a magic wand...what are we on? time wasn't forgiving...we should know how it go!

Please!! were dealing with flagrant agents..Shady Like Grady....please!! what's the word from  Rick Perry and Bank of America?  we should know how it go!!

 Peeping seems were in indentured servitude to these banks; paying car notes, mortgages and credit cards... Pharoah won't let my people go!

As we proceed and continue; listening to Kenny Garrett and Pharoah Sanders Intro to we holla atcha..were making it!! but we'll face storms like Hurricane Irene..please believe me life is hectic! you didn't know?

As we proceed and continue; were making it!! noticed freedom making an intro to Africa..from Libya to maybe Syria...but during the toil and strife were disrespected!

As we proceed and continue...were making we spray this knowledge..the area is disinfected...

As we proceed and continue; we disconnected from the mainframe but like millions affected by Hurricane Irene we experience technical difficulties!

As we proceed and continue; high and low search of the God Particle like CERN...dark matter...anti-matter... we studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...moves made are magical or mystical; these brothas are not caught up in a cult; not these!

We focused on what really maters..what did we learn? .bear witness to what a son of God will do..who felt those and these caught up in the reign of terror?

The reign began with a drizzle; plans, hopes and dreams fizzle; soon caught up caught out there!

I'm peeping game; all around me I see casualties of the ongoing spiritual warfare!

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