Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caught Up...I Was Bearing Witness

Peeping game;I was chilling....others were Fast and Furious like the ATF..please!! I was bearing witness; no need for details of the redemption!

Or maybe Fast and Furious..like Vin Diesel and them....please believe a bruh.. I already knew God is in the blessing business; diplomatic immunity is exercised...please be advised.. use your exemption!

Unless some kind of deficiency symptom is involved; then like Gaddafi karmic repercussions are dealt with!

O-Dizzle shows efficiency with the drum; messages are sent with the percussions..somebody felt it!

What's the dizzle? the reign begin with a drizzle...whose caught up in a storm? .similar to Hurricane Irene..up in the middle of it...to the left and to the right of it? bear witness to the color scheme! 

What can brown do for you like UPS? what's the business...I'm  in the hood dealing with Fast Black; they're running the team!

Might even be running the scheme...but cell phones were tracked by GPS; authorities were peeping game!

Whose running from their dream? but in hostile territories cells are sleeping in the game!

The funky drummer is drumming!!! O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live..creeping up in the game; bear witness to the results!

Who'll run up on ya? now your under the influence of other clones in these cults!

Soon Caught Up...microchip implanted...doing the system's bidding....carrying the water and the weed..

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was brought up on the funk...R.I.P James Brown!!...in these games we'll get down...the mothership has landed..bear witness to the garden that started with a seed...

True indeed...the meal is prepared..check these menus....you can feast like Ramadan being over..

True Indeed...this is for my peeps who are Caught Up....we're bearing witness to the struggle..in fact the saga / struggle continues....for those that ask what's up with a brotha...the hump? a bruh is trying to get over!!

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