Monday, August 29, 2011

Caught Up.....It Was Easy To Get That Way

It was easy to get Caught Up in the flow of traffic;  like on I-285 in Atlanta...but soon we strayed off the path!

Please!! I was brought up to be independent! I  wasn't chilling with those that stayed off the math!

Some stayed in the path of the storm like Hurricane Irene..they stayed in trouble..feeling the wrath!! but I'm all about peace like the Dalia Lama!

What's up with this brotha? I was peeping game like the Hubble Telescope; trying to avoid the drama!

But drama royalty ruled up in the spot where reason gave way to madness! 

Some played it like Gaddafi's family dipping to Algeria...others were caught up in the mass loyalty is shown to them;  so I felt the backlash!

...I was knocked off balance....I had to get myself together; like Peyton Manning I'm off the injured I'm back with this!

O-Dizzle rocked!! but whose understanding this?  haters show malice; authorities will use GPS to track this!

Playa playas said they were the mack in this or that territory!! but they were just fronting!

...Supposed to be heavy hitters knocking home runs; but I found out they're just bunting!

....Meanwhile I was caught up gathering and hunting; it was like The Gap Band.. it felt like I was going in circles!

....Upgraded the style;  check the math I bring as I work these and those!

Blue collar style like old school Detroit or Pittsburgh!

Caught up in situations that were foul but moving on; word from your homie from Louisville / Newburg!

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