Saturday, August 06, 2011

Caught Up....Out On Front Street

They had a brotha out on front street!! cut my debt rating like Standard and Poors did America; fronting on the brotha Obama....oh yeah I was caught up!

It was one thing or another; haters plot and scheme up on things...the usual business; but you know I keep it hood...that's how I was brought up!

How did they play a brotha...not in the scheme of things? jokers usually aren't checking for me; but that's a good thing!

Usually disrespecting..played like they do Obama....they're usually trying to shoot down the mothership like the Taliban did the Chinook in Afghanistan... ..what's up man? at the end of the day they realize its a hood thing!

Flying high..wasn't in a wood and fabric plane named Winston flying into restricted airspace..please!! The Buick Regal had wood grain and leather seats as I dipped down I-75 towards Atlanta!

Keeping it hood when I holla atcha with this...a Midwest style Louisville brotha in the dirty south; somebody might understand a bruh!

So whats up with another?  whose caught up? I was peeping New Orleans policeman during Hurricane Katrina..I see they're rolling corrupt with that!

So whats up with another? the playa playa was like the Chi-Lites..asking have you seen her? said he was looking for her..had to tell them I hope that works for ya;  good luck with that! 

Told them its like this and like that!! caught up out on front street; govern yourselves accordingly!

That's the word from old school baptist preachers that know where the boundary or border will be!

Some of the new school preachers are caught up like Eddie Long...they didn't conduct themselves in an orderly fashion!

Caught up..caught out there....out on front street...haters will alt shift delete..jackers over in Decatur, Georgia were saying don't let me catch you out in these streets!! plus the police will sweat your thought and fashion!

...They thought I was out of order with the fashion; Levi jeans, Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt; plus rocking Nike Air Maxs! 

High and low tech...even on the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web...whose caught up in the web? O-Zizzle did his thizzle with the Yamaha four track recorder; the by product is how bro maxes and relaxes!

Whose caught up..caught out there? society taxes the mind, body soul and spirit!

Caught up...out on front street...but the reign began with a drizzle..similar to the rain in Charlotte..see what it do.. but a bruh gets free and stays free; so you know their ready to give a bruh a demerit!

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