Friday, August 05, 2011

Caught Up....Then Caught Out There

As we proceed and continue; admitting...a bruh was caught up..I relaxed for a minute; now I'm caught slipping!

True indeed!! thought I saw a portal open up; but it was like the stock market...I was caught dipping!

True wealth was dipping like Carlos the thought and fashion police rolled up on a brotha!

Now Sonic Assaults are unleashed in response; orderly fashions are ignored; I'm not that type of brotha!

Admitting...I was caught up..but now I'm on some other other; a Mysterious Traveler like Weather Report! the solar flare hitting the earth when I wrote this... I knew the inside joke but not a comedian..just a brotha doing the mathematics; a mystery unraveler!! a veteran now coaching in the sport!

Mysterious...whose caught up? spotted G-Money...he asked me whats up sport? I told him to look around!

Mysterious..admitting I was caught up..but I told homie I don't let people or things run me..check out where I took the sound..

Plots and schemes by G-8 and G-20  made us abort missions.. caught out there; we had to regroup!

But big homie was dipping in the Infiniti G-20; talking about the cash he has to recoup!

A real G!! the tape is on a loop..the episode has played over and over like a TV Land rerun!

.....Caught Up....Caught Out There; the saga struggle continues!! you know Babylon wants to see us come undone!

The Sonic Assault is unleashed up in this piece..O-Zone is not the one...haters say it's The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.. as we make great escapes..the train of thought is rolling...

Hell was caught...but we fight back...smack a hater with the blackjack..please!! we're rolling!!

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