Thursday, August 25, 2011

Damn Here We Go Again! It Doesn't Quit...It Doesn't Stop!!

Damn here we go again!! the storm approaches like Hurricane Irene..meanwhile I'm taking a moment to write this!

Whats up with them? the drama is like the West Bank and Gaza Strip..we're up  in it!! all up in the spot were reason gave way to madness...facing opponents; we continue to fight this!

....On the left and on the right of this is the opposition; they're on a mission to destroy!

Certified devils advocates who ain't right!!  they'll play you like a toy!

Working it on all levels; tracking this with GPS; trying to holla atcha boy!

Hurting it on all levels but a bruh had to fight back like Roy!

...Roy Jones Jr that is...all up in danger zones; they are from Atlanta to Kandahar and back to Louisville!

Word from a Louisville bruh chilling in the ATL; whats the deal ? clones and cyborgs are running it...its time to go back to the real!

Zones were running in? they're monitored by security cameras and GPS.

.....Cell  phones  let one know where we are; curiosity will kill cats!

Drones will Kill Bill from Pakistan to Chicagoland; idiosyncrasies accepted!

Tones, bass and treble are adjusted; just an idiot with secret policies that are demented?

What was I on? felonious reasons for my policies being circumvented like Obama's?

Erroneous with the answers? while others were waiting in the dark where the drama is!

So what's the business? ....what's the deal? damn here we go again!!

So what's the business...please!! up the stream of consciousness were flowing...

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