Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Luck With That.....Hope That Works For Ya

Peeped game...saw how it was going down; some will get drafted like Terrelle Pryor by the Oakland Raiders.. I told some good luck with that!

They creeped up in the game like the rebels over in Libya;  I told them I hope that works for them..they said things were phat and all that!

Will offensive and defensive linemen block for them..get hurt for them? its all about teamwork..fall on the sword for the emperor!

As we go on the offensive with this; but we ran into opposition like Israel's Iron Dome..seems things don't work!! were just trying to even the score!

Then we might search for more;  a portal opened I'm trying to slide through!

Then we fight like in South Sudan;  we might get hurt....we got more!! checked the casualties; what are we going through? 

Checked out those acting casually ..flash mobbing like Machine Gun Kelly...but they were saying it ain't nothing!

Told them I hope it works for ya; because theres always gonna be something!

Who'll get hurt for ya like Lil Wayne skateboarding?  it's always we try to stop the madness...

Who'll work with ya? you'll be caught out there...waterboarding in Gitmo.. should have known from the get go there would be a problem during the ongoing summer madness....

But some said they were the baddest...they were going in getting it in...

I told them good luck with that.....I hope it works for them...

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