Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Peace wouldn't be still!! it's like the GOP vs Obama.. it was trying to see what drama was up to!

Please!!! you should know the Quentin Tarrentino / Stephen Spielberg or Aaron Spelling melodrama will corrupt you!

Whats the deal with this Louisville / Newburg brotha? I'm spelling it out for ya like Sesame St.

Wannabe mafioso felt the urge ; whose bailing out the snitch? the homies said don't let them catch dude out in the street!

Whats up with me? some ask...said I was rude when we meet; another angry black man?

Whats up with me?  please!! peace wouldn't be still!! its rough out here for a black man! 

Actually rough on a brown and yellow man; actually any man as long as things are run by the Illuminati!

Peace wouldn't be still; that's the deal from the ATL to Cincinnati!

...On over to Louisville; out to the Bay we deal with the mass hysteria!

Peace wouldn't be still from Libya to Afghanistan; to Somalia...whats up with ya?  check the scenario!

Nobody will be fair with ya in love or war; we should know the deal!

Damn!! actually it doesn't surprise me...that peace wouldn't be still!

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