Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sticking To The The Original Plan

What it do? sticking to the original plan; it's part of a bigger one..I'm even still parking lot pimping!

Still doing the knowledge; the mothership gets good mileage... turning a complex thing into a simple thing!

No Lord of the Rings or pricking fingers type of thing; even though this is scientific!

Wasn't dealing with the drug overlord down with Mexican cartels..please!! I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the Honda Accord; back in the day the Buick Regal or Cut Dog; a bruh is retro-futuristic!

....Slipped the through the cracks...played it .like Libyan rebels..dipped through the portal;  a bruh whose intergalactic with this!

....Oops upside the head of a fanatic!! I used the blackjack to do this!

...Acting like I knew this..peeping game; like the GOP in 2012...I see haters try to bum rush the spot!

Creeping up; said they're on a come up....something about blowing up the spot!

It gets Hotter Than July per Stevie Wonder; August when I wrote this...summer madness is in full effect!

We act like we knew!! still pimping when we come back with this; sticking to the original plan...it's part of a bigger one...so what did a fool expect?

As we proceed and continue...moving onto to the next...time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...into the future...

 Word from Steve Miller.. O-Zone is a real dealer...act like you knew a bruh!!

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