Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stop The Madness!!!

As we proceed and continue; we receiving blessings..... Deo Non Fortuna!

True indeed!!  summer madness is in full effect; what's whats up with ya?

True indeed !! what's believed?  Herbie Hancock and Prince mentioned thieves in the temple...we need to stop the madness;  the buck stop here!

True indeed!! peeping game..seeing what a pimp will do..the Thievery Corporation even mentioned a culture of we go there...the masses were deceived by a gambler out for a fast buck; ripped off ...then he dipped out of there!

Seeing what a pimp will do...corporations were thieving..profits were taken offshore...whose keeping score? Its going down from Afghanistan to Columbiana ; jokers need to stop the madness!

From Chicagoland to Gary Indiana; from the ATL to Louisville...were back with this!

....What's up man? it's going down from Tripoli Syria....whose trying to trip with me? transmitting live  from a remote outpost...we brought the blackjack with this; somebody will get hit up!

What's up man?  we go back to work like Verizon workers...back to work with this!! we try to stop the madness; we were wise to the set up!

As we show up and show out like the old Apollo theater talent the summer comes to a close; the devil will oppose is the lesson!

...Knowing the mission is dangerous like Apollo 18....but jokers like Rick Perry are still hating....but we weren't relating...check how the funky drummer is doing business; plus the good word is dropped...class is in session!

Haters need to stop the aggression!!  all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness..

What's the deal? it's way too real..basically they need to stop the madness!!!

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