Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Storm

The storm was cutting up; they say Hurricane Irene has hit land...the winds pick up..I could here the thunder and lightning!

Check the normal procedure;  O-Dizzle is rocking with ya...chopping and cutting up beats while O-Zone is enlightening!

....As we enter the hostile territory the inclement weather is frightening to some!

A sleepless night / rough week on Terra Firma?  whose an evil one? they couldn't work with us!! we fight back with the drum!

.....Noticed some tried to dip to Terra Nova in the stolen Nova Slick Rick mentioned!

.....Noticed some called themselves holding it down!! but they slipped into a coma waiting in the dark; soon honorable mentioned!

Broke due to the economy but still paid attention to the inclement weather approaching!

Broken beats and English hit up a hater who said whatever;  this is word from a veteran now coaching!

We're encroaching on the promised land was supposed to be Atlanta..but I don't know..we're refusing to be stuck in a karma loop!

Out there in the storm; soon in the shelter trying to Warren Buffett with Bank of America....I'm chilling drinking a soda that comes with the chicken noodle soup!

Peeping game like the US and Israel knowing the scoop about Syria's cache  of weapons of mass destruction..

Whose sleeping in the game?...soon caught up and caught out Javaris Crittenton...or maybe even Jordan the midst of the storm?...some ignored orders for evacuation..

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