Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Madness Continues...So Here's Another One...PT.2

...Here's another one trying not to come undone like Tiger Woods at the PGA championship.. I was wise to the set up!

....Here's another one...Summer Madness's tight in these hoods..not asking have you seen her like the Chi-Lites;  she dipped during dark nights; she's gone like Hall and Oates said; but I was wise to the set up!

...Not basking in the limelight; rolling like the Dark Knight; except I'm more discrete with it!

Louisvillian...West End and Newburg type dude..getting my mind right..dipped on I-75 in the Buick Regal like it was a hypersonic chilling in the I'm more street with it!

Accused of being a Louisvillain down here in Decatur Georgia; doing the math..cutting the corner over on Glenwood Rd in the Mercury Marquis like the other homies!

Guilt by association? please!! I studied the dark mystery of time and space..I'm more intergalactic as I roam these galaxies!

Guilt by association? Spotted fallacies aliens with genetic mutations from Pluto to Saturn!

Plutonian type funk is ammunition when I dipped back down on earth; these earthlings a bruh is battling!

But in the mothership aka the hooptie the trunk is rattling; listening to Bell Biv and Devoe talking about that girl is poison!

Talking about you can't trust a big butt and a smile..but home girl said yes you..said she's a ride or die chick like Lee Grace Doughterty...she brought the noise in!

But its easy to lose your poise like over in London / Birmingham in these Babylonian episodes!

Soon endeavors are null and void; now were dealing with another one..all up in survival modes!

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