Wednesday, August 17, 2011

....True Indeed

......I asked them whats up? they were like Rick Perry...they said they were!!  told me true indeed!

But it's business as usual..the system is what's up? who has a plan? some basked in the limelight while others were in need!

It's business as usual...meanwhile I planted a seed in secret gardens; now I'm waiting on the harvest!

Peeped game; secret squirrels were planning to attack like Libyan rebels...why did they start this?

Whose part of this conspiracy?  folk smiled in our faces  like The Undisputed Truth...but might be part of the setup!

Haters say it comes with the territory. .but I'm dedicated to the truth..I was wise to it..the occasion? I rise to it..I can't let up!

True indeed; we were knocked down but we get up; now its going down like this and like that! 

True indeed!! O-Dizzle rocked the sound while O-Zone broke it down letting you know about it....this and that!

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