Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Ultimatum

So what's going on? I'm teaching them a lesson;  I had to pull out the blackjack!

Check the session; oops upside the head like the Gap Band; based on the good word in my knapsack!

Manufactured by Eastpak,  based on having a sack full; giving ultimatums like Jason Bourne! 

Souls are fractured or injured; whose jacking a fool?  whose acting like they know the golden rule? please!! we're the ones society is hating on!

Drama is manufactured; conjured up during ceremonies..word in these hostile territories..conflicts were like Cowboy vs Aliens; now a chain of fools is spotted!

So what's the deal..what transpired? word from Aretha Franklin!! jokers were proteges of Big Bank Hank and them; for the cash flow some schemed and plotted!

But the system was janking them..fellow prisoners shanking them; now the fabric is knotted!

The stream of consciousness isn't flowing; now the fabric is rotted!

A fanatics not letting the dollar circulate like 9th Wonder or Billy Paul mentioned!

Meanwhile were blackjacking them; refusing to let the hood take me under y'all; admitting that I'm broke but I paid attention!

It's going down in this or that dimension...from Egypt to we deal with the mass hysteria...

I gave Pharaoh  an ultimatum..told him to let my people go....held hostage we deal with the mass hysteria..

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