Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.7

I got the phone call...heard the voice mail;  the message wasn't good!

In danger zones? we were under attack..because we opposed the agenda that wasn't hood!

Compounds get raided like Qaddafi's...a bruh is transmitting live from a remote outpost..whose posted up eating? that wasn't food that has nutrition at the dinner table! 

Whats good? damn!! not more confusion and frustration...like the oil soon flowing from Libya...a loser or a winner? now rebuking the fable!

The enemy was nuking the spot!! now the earth quakes like the East Coast...its all unstable; damn!! I was just minding and tending!

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...they were trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield.... I was good word dropping and beat blending!

Playa playas were asking honies who you wit? sounding like Bernie Mac!

Economists holla at Ben Bernanke....that's word from Morgan Stanley..what it do?  who'll understand me? meanwhile I'm saying prayers for soldiers at Grady in the ATL and University Hospital in Louisville; casualties were on gurneys in the back!

Also at Shands in the Jax and St Johns in Detroit; contracts are null and void!! so I avoided the madness...or trying to stop it...I took journeys; now I'm back!

Check the blends; O-Dizzle will rock with ya..he's not devoid of funk!! just check the track!

We're under attack!! but a bruh chills; mends and heals the wounds suffered during the ongoing summer madness!

Soon we fight back...coming back like Showtime at the Apollo.. please!! we know like Apollo 18 the mission will be dangerous..but were back with this..

Once fatigued but now relieved; now dressed in fatigues..black Nike Air Maxs and a black Louisville Cardinal T-shirt!

Haters are intrigued by the way we do our thing; they see us still fighting..they thought we were hurt!

Human League players showed their true colors..but I knew how they would work...so I keep my guard up..

Locked out by the league like NBA players...but O-Dizzle rocked out in response to the attack..we weren't hard up!!

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