Friday, August 19, 2011

What In The?

What in the world is going on? ... I ask that question...even though I wanna use stronger terms!

....From the world of revolutionaries with dashikis and Afro picks to wannabe pimps rolling in Cadillacs rocking gators and perms!

In other realms fanatics like the Memphis 3 were created when sperm is shared with the daughter of chaos!

Word from Kat Von D or maybe Kim Kardashian ?  in other realms mathematics were studied by Doctor O; the game will not be decided by a coin toss!

The blackjack is the weapon of choice...teaching a lesson; of course theres a message in the music!

The snapback is back per Tyga and Chris Brown; theres a message in the music!

....Should you choose to accept the assignment;  a line from Mission Impossible that comes to mind!

Time was put to good use in solitary confinement; this breakbeat science comes to mind!

The sweet science like boxing...O-Dizzle is rocking; drums find their way out into the atmosphere!

The street science was studied; what's the dizzle? noticed hustle knocking  like Wall Street  and  GOP candidates..forces were internal and external; .frontlines for spiritual warfare are everywhere!

As we go there..we proceed and continue; casualties are remembered in our hearts they live forever!

As we go there mysteriously traveling like Weather Report; whats the forecast? what  in the what? it seems the storm will last forever and ever!

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