Friday, August 12, 2011

Yeah Man! I'm Gonna Need For Y'all Ta............. what's up? like the Perseid Meteor Shower I took a good look at the picture; now its like yeah man! what's up? accused of being a crook after some read my scripture; they said yeah man? 

"I'm gonna need for y'all" to do the math.. East coast..West coast..Midwest; down south? they'll throw the book atcha!! have you all up in correctional facilities!

...If not hospitalized at Grady or University...or maybe six feet under; worldwide US commandos fighting secret wars roll up on ya in 75 countries; some act surprised after first questioning the abilities!

Please!! I'm not surprised; as a brotha rides down I-20 in Atlanta; listening to Six Foot Seven Foot by Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz!

Next up was the new Lil Wayne and Drake She Will...yeah man!! I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention to what's going down!!..but some said they kept their eyes on the prize trying to stay caked up; its all about the funds!

I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention..what's the deal? check the doctrine..some can feel the heat..but it's not like the Quincy Jones Body Heat joint.....The Court Of Appeals for the 11th Court said it was false; now who succumbs the the gossip lies and innuendo?

Yeah man!! were rocking them!! slap them upside the head with the blackjack for acting like they know!

Yeah man!! I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention as we teach them a lesson; its like this and like that!

Yeah man spiritual warfare is going down!! peeps over in Great Britain were cutting up!! we have to fight that!

Whose waiting in the dark? as we light that torch to lead them out of the's like the Libyan rebels making moves...

The hooptie is at the compound waiting in park for the next time we ride out...fighting battles like Cowboys and Aliens...but in the meantime were chilling....O-Zone is typing this good word and O-Dizzle is making grooves..

I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention..robber barons aren't giving but taking..yeah man!! it should be obvious...

But it's going down y'all.....we won't get cut like Tiger Woods... we won't quit or stop this..

But we didn't have on blinders ...big balling? you won't find us...things are tight in these hoods...we're keeping it real..

You'll just find us putting it down like this.. what's really good? giving the people something they can feel...

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