Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Heard The Cliche....It Is What It Is PT.2

So whats the deal?  you heard the is what it is!

Sometimes that's unacceptable; soon it's like Libya..whose caught up in the spot where reason gave way to madness?

But were back with this!! a bruh brings the rebuttal concepts are intergalactic like the Atlantis Space Shuttle!

This is breakbeat scientific..real with it; an armchair quarterbacks strategy was revealed in the huddle!

What it do? it is what it is peeped game in Clarkston Georgia spotted the Cambodian Sur 13 gangsters!

American dreams turn into nightmares; its real!!! not dealing with Comedy Central pranksters!

It is what it is; like Gary Dourdan... hillbilly heroin and crank was the poison chosen by some!

No hero or heroine needed per Tina Turner; O-Dizzle brought the noise in with the drum!

A fast learner saw the reign storm began with a drizzle;  those in denial refuse to believe it is what it is!
Check this next page as the world turner; updated Nat Turner didn't believe the empty promise!

 Feeling the rage the Ice Age is upon us like the Iceman Cometh.. now hitting some up with this good word and brand new funk..

It is what it is? that's unacceptable..minds engage as we drop this breakbeat science..reality caused the ego to shrunk..

Atlanta residents getting crunk? I don't know...please!! life is hectic...

No peeps are disrespected...

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