Thursday, September 08, 2011

As We Proceed.....Moving Forward...Never Backwards..Once Again

As we proceed!! astrologers say we can move forward; Mercury is no longer retrograde! 

As we proceed!! sociological and economical factors will determine how the game is played!

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate;  the belligerence was full of hate like Phil Kent's... plus it came from all directions! 

What's the deal with this? O-Deezy will rock with ya!! a brotha dealt with the imperfections!

Please believe me!! I dipped through the intersections in the hooptie before the red light camera took the picture!

Please believe me!! I slipped through the portal; intergalactic insurrections against Star Wars stormtroopers..sparked from Pluto to Saturn to Mars; using the funk and this scripture!

Similar to the cake mixture by Nabisco...check the by product; Falling Through like the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite ain't right!! now that I'm stranded on earth; it goes down from San Francisco to Louisville / Newburg!
It doesn't quit it doesn't stop!! it goes from Tripoli to Kandahar to Johannesburg!

Whats up with it? who'll merge with the wrong forces? now trying to say they're rolling  like 30 deep!

Who'll get purged from the list? whats the deal with this? they didn't have the gist of it..they were smoked out..not knowing how haters were rolling when they creep!

Some drowned in the stream of consciousness; it was deeper than they expected!

Drama royalty was crowned as they come with this or that !!! but at the end of the day my peeps get played like Obama..were disrespected!

No loyalty was we disconnected..pulled the plug out of the moving forward never backwards..

Once again it's on...the area is we're going all out for it...dropping this good it's funky...that's how the O-Dog track works..

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