Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Chaos Theory

What's the word on the curb? the chaos theory is in full effect; you'll get played!!  bear witness to it!

Relations to the conspiracy theory are established; some mentioned skull and bones that led to the Illuminati..where did you spot me? in the ATL...were already dealing with that!

Where did you spot me? anywhere from Cincinnati to NYC...what's the deally? please!! its hard to see in the Smoke and Mirrors!! I noticed vision is blurred!

Some are smoked out or drunk; dealing with the horrors and terrors!! now their speech is slurred!

We broke out of L-7 square per Rick James based on what occurred!!  were Transmitting using broken beats and English as the fuel!

Once caught up in these ongoing games like the Olympics..part of the organized confusion...but were propelling ourselves forward per Aretha Franklin;  not in the chain with a fool!

Noticed that there's no shame in these'll get played!!  pain is felt by a fool that's just a punishment glutton!

The reign began with a drizzle; now Gaddafi is fighting for his life.. who else is dealing with the toil and strife?  from the old school to the next school; whose the next fool?  please!!  I pulled the plug and pressed the button!

O-Dizzle is falling through....observing the scene...chilling..listening to old school for a minute; but next school sounds are the business!

Plans didn't fizzle due to the ongoing chaos and confusion..we Jumped To The Conclusion....ignored Republicans plans for  my team's  losing..we're ready to roll..were on our way...check this retro-futuristic mystic; able to spot the chaos theory's existence!

Once upon a time a fly negro; but conspiracy theories threatened my existence; me and my kind are endangered species!

Hostile territories existed due to the takeover; in need of a Oprah or Maury makeover?  its not where peace is!

This thesis statement and the O-Dog beat lead the abatement of imposed penalties! please!!

Hatred is shown all up in the spot where the chaos theory is practiced!

Who faked it? or were they an unwilling participant...what's the deal with it? as we come back with this..

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