Saturday, September 10, 2011

Falling Through PT.1

As we proceed and continue; summer madness is over with...Dr. Phil said get over were trying to Fall Through!

Whatcha need? whats on the menu...whatcha been through? it's rough like NATO attacking your stronghold like Gaddafi's; probably seen your endeavors fall through!

True indeed!! these are rough times; the devil will call you!! telling you theres another way!

Seeds of inequity were planted; my peeps were taken for granted!! theres got to be another way!

Seeds were planted in secret gardens; now ready to move forward like the Palestine towards statehood..but no hatred is shown in the hood..what's good? please!! the Brotha O will  rock with ya!! he'll play the brand new funk!

O-Zone will fall through with the good word; after I noticed that egos shrunk!

In the ATL?  Negroes got crunk!! I see them fall through in the Lexus and the Caddie Escalade!

It ain't hard to fail though!!  after you get Caught Up in the ongoing charade!

Who got caught up in the escapade? all up in the caper..but plans fall through!

O-Dizzle was brought up on the funk plus he was hip to games played; check the breakbeat science that's dropped when we fall through!

Whatcha going through? the mothership has landed back on earth...but we usually take lunar probes like NASA... O-Dizzle is an intergalactic master blaster...just brought funk back from Pluto..

Whatcha going through? at the end of the day self knowledge and self awareness will make you go for what you know!!

As we proceed and continue..we're going through it..dealt with the naysayers...but I wasn't worried about them..they should worry about me..

As we proceed and continue...falling through..Transmitting Live with the hardcore heard me?

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