Sunday, September 11, 2011

Falling Through PT.2

So what's up? a bruh is falling through...I guess I'm  recognizing my call to duty!

Is this a black ops?  KRS-1 told us about black cops; in Atlanta and Dekalb County Georgia they're on duty!

..As this black man drops in using diplomatic immunity; plus trying to see what condition my condition is in!

Keep up!! keep track man!! that was word from Kenny Rogers and The First Edition! 

As we creep up...back up in this thing....another edition.rolling like a custodian..trying to clean up the stain....

Artful dodgers answered New Editions question; they were able to stand the rain! 

All up in this art with a LA Dodgers hat; Echo Unlimited polo and Sean John jeans; I was able to understand the reign!

....Or in a truckers hat; I roger that when I heard some say they can't stand the pain!

Were falling through; we kept on trucking like Eddie Kendricks; doing the damn thing!! check the funky loops..we're Transmitting Live with the hardcore style!

Were falling through;  but In Afghanistan the truck bomb drops in at the NATO base...80 US troops are injured..whats the score? the situation is foul!

Were falling through; we were able to recognize the pattern; we turned the dial on the radio to 91.9 WCLK in Atlanta..Trudy Lynn said everybody has a blues song to sing!

Were falling through; whats happening ? we overpaid our dues!! check this breakbeat science we bring!

Like I said; were doing the damn thing!!.... check this forensic we find clues..we were able to solve the riddle..then we drop this good word; plus O-Dizzle will rock with ya!!

All up in this damn thing!! some are Caught Up; but we were wise to the set know if you have that good hustle the system will knock ya!!

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