Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon Madness

Checking the vibe; whats up with the tribe?  what's the deal? the dollar didn't circulate like Billy Paul or maybe  9th Wonder and J-Dilla mentioned..I noticed the morale was low!

Checking the's enhanced by the  Harvest Full Moon  madness....what's up with this? some folk will have to lay low..

Check this Harvest for the World like Isley Brothers..the Doctor O is wrecking the beat; he'll rock with ya!! plus prescribe the proper dosage!

Whose trying to start that or this? trying to debate like the GOP..please!! The Brotha O-Zone is trying to get back in sync; Babylon is holding me hostage!

Whose trying to start that or this? now dipping to Niger like Gaddafi's folk..what's up with my folk? in danger zones the postage was paid!! along with with other dues!

Whose trying to start that or this? going postal with it!! plus The stranger was down with other clones ; were they exposed on the six o clock news?

Whose trying to start that or this? contributing to the full moon madness...meanwhile O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live..he usually has a banger; O-Zone searched for clues; this is forensic rhetoric!

We're going in...getting it in..slipping through the cracks...were falling  through after the summer madness; these brothas dealt with it!

We're going in..getting it Obama..might introduce an American Jobs Act.. but we're peeping game...knowing damn well how these Americans will were caught up in this Pisces Full Moon Madness!

The Sonic Assault is unleashed during the ongoing crisis;  haters said we were a fool to come back with this!

Opposition is faced; Babylon has a knack for this!! safe havens and safe harbors get raided like Gaddafi strongholds in Libya!

Whatcha facing? hatred some harbor!! taken to another level due to the full moon madness check how they deal with ya!

As we keep it real with ya;  a fool is done !! actors and actresses didn't play their role correctly!

Now the full moon madness is in effect so now whats the deally?

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