Friday, September 09, 2011

The Life Is Hectic Mix...Plus The Scripture

Might have mentioned earlier....Life is hectic; turned up a few degrees during summer we revisit these concepts!

It wasn't the summer madness mentioned by Kool and The Gang..even though the feeling is electric as we slide through..Falling Through..we revisit this like family reunions back in the hood; whats the business...who knows how a con gets?

Whose disrespected after they worked it? what's good? they're  playing us like they do Obama....or playing us like Gaddafi..we're caught up in the drama....but now were wise to the set up..but the run gets interrupted!

Whose disconnecting from the mainframe after they found out the database was corrupted?

...Now correcting errors...playing this like I knew what was up with it; life is hectic!

Dealing with the smoke and it's no joke; at the 9/11 anniversary terror is staring at us in the mirror..the response? rocking multiple personalities for multiple dimensions; the feeling is eclectic!

Also electric...Especially once I realized God blessed it!! so I proceed and continue!

...Especially after I tried to work it; but I stressed it!! ..and didn't succeed; eating off the Hells Kitchen menu!

Who confessed it to authorities? whose snitching?  now the block is hot!

Who dressed it up to make it look beautiful??  but beneath the surface its ugly all up in the spot!

Life is hectic!!! those that say its not are lying!

Some respect this word after the next episode; after they're found praying; after they were crying!


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