Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Sonic Assault; Applying Pressure

We unleash the Sonic we proceed; were falling through...applying pressure! 

Boots are on the ground like it's Libya; or even Mike Vick back in Atlanta...what kind of boots?...steel toes, Timberlands, Nikes or Polos? please!! either the beats or prose will be pure! 

Breakbeat science is in full effect; we slap them upside the head with the blackjack! 

The status quo breaks some minds; they're blown like the Delfonics mentioned! 

Check the status; like Heatwave? some will make a mind blowing decision! 

Check the status; we came through with precision or close to it; actually what we use is broken! 

Check the beats and English during the steady bombardment; some will get squeamish while some will get open! 

The streets were calling; my peeps feel the emotions are shown! 

Avatars had emoticons? it was the response to the hate that shown! 

Transformers faced Decepticons representing good vs evil; once again its on!! like the cliche no peace in the Middle East! 

As we transcend and transform after going through the storm; we had to pray to the east! 

Now we send messages in the songs; putting the pressure on!! since it is football we fight the treason; like defensive ends and linebackers! 

Middle passage descendants are all up in the middle of this!! got over the summer madness; now falling through..check the breakbeat science; were back with this!

Check out The Sonic Assault / Sonic Blackjack Mix PT.1

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