Saturday, September 03, 2011

..Still A Moving Target

As we proceed and continue; sticking to the original plan like Obama..I keep it moving!

....What's next on the menu? moving targets are hard to hit...O-Dizzle  is Transmitting Live..he keeps grooving!

..Dodging authorities with mullets and high top fades like an old episode of Cops on Tru TV!

...Or NBA Classics; I was rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia..dipping through hostile territories in old schools / Jurassics; jokers were acting like they knew me!

Let the music like Barry White!! as classic material flows through..peeping game..another version of the Dragon-Con parade on Candler Rd?..not Peachtree St in Atlanta...understand a bruh? out in these O-Dizzle will cut it up,chop it up and remix it!

Hip to the ongoing con..the justice no peace is the catch phrase; O-Zone will use it as he kicks it!

....Knowledge is dropped when he kicks it; but some is kept because its secret!

Not dealing with the compulsive obsessive;  please!! I couldn't be at ease..I was dipping like Usain Bolt.moving targets are hard to hit; so I'm more discrete with it!

Wasn't impulsive...striking like a lightning bolt...storming like Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf I wasn't trying to brag and boast...not trying to compete with it; I was just trying to keep it moving!

Moving targets are hard to hit; the Brotha O kept on grooving! he'll rock with ya......that point he keeps proving..
Peeping game like a MODIS image from a  NASA Terra satellite..noticed these jokers on Terra Firma didn't want to act right....

Peeping game...dipping to Terra Nova..a moving target avoiding the was just a distraction..jokers need to get their mind right..they didn't want to act right!!

Others sleeping in the game..soon caught out in wildfires out there in The Cajon Pass;
or over in Tripoli where the guns blast....meanwhile we kept it moving..

Moving targets are hard to hit...O-Zone kept bringing this good word...O-Dizzle kept grooving..

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