Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stop The Madness PT.4......No Justice No Peace

Still trying to stop the madness...pulling the plug on the ongoing process..but no justice no peace is the slogan; it's burning like a wildfire in Texas... it never went out of fashion! justice no peace...the slogan used since the civil rights movement; noticed any social improvement? please!! things still aren't in an orderly fashion!

Insights are dropped but they say I'm out of order with the fashion!! rocking Sean John jeans; Nike Air Maxs
and an Ecko polo in the corporate environment!

Please!!! were at war.....the fights continue; a brotha is rocking his uniform...he never relaxes...its easy to receive corporal punishment!

A glutton for punishment was running it; what's up with some?..down to the Bluff they kept running looking for heroin!! their way of healing the battle love or war? nothing fair about it..I was done with it...the I found a portal to slide through!

Security was trying to monitor the situation; in New Delhi Al Qaeda will call your bluff; another hero or heroine? Tina Turner said enough!! we didn't need another one..stop the madness!! others I'm done with; when the caper goes down  they said we wont hide you!

Please!! those jokers were too busy keeping their front going....corporate up in the sport kid..fronting!! trying to ride through Atlanta in the Ford Flex!

Please!! stop the madness...this brotha is broke but I'm paying attention..peeped the style or steelo...meanwhile due to socio-economic issues others couldn't afford to flex!

Whose on board the train?  whose the next to feel the wrath? did they do the math? soon realizing theres no justice and no peace?

Not on one accord with these earthlings; the train of thought is rolling as I drop this math; I was on another path.. its hard to be at ease!

Peace wouldn't be still.... please!! it couldn't stop the madness..jokers are even shooting up the IHOP!!

 Please!! I couldn't be still...I kept it moving like Jeff Gordon...what's another starting? I'm trying to stop the madness with this breakbeat science that I drop!!

Please!! I couldn't be still...I didn't quit and I didn't stop....the saga / struggle continues...

As we try to keep it real...trying to stop the madness...the good word and brand new funk is on these menus....

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