Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Waiting In The Dark....The Concept Is Revisited....Once Again..

Whose waiting in the dark? they turned off the lights and lit a candle taking Teddy Pendergrass's advice!

Security heightens; ten years after 9/11 its still on code orange; what's really going on? Al Qaeda promised 100 attacks; plus the vandal in the hood stayed busy..it ain't nothing nice!

What's up with me? I had to think twice; now I handle my business before it handles me! ..

What's up with me? warm hearted and as cold as ice;  like Obama my ratings are low..who understands me?

A bruh is stuck on earth; down here where all the drama is..from Pakistan to Libya..what's the deal with ya?..they ask a bruh...the mothership lands me in forsaken territory!

These earthlings were waiting in the dark!! mesmerized after they heard the spinmeister tell the story!

How will we work this thing? back in the day we were chilling..parking lot pimping..waiting in Shawnee Park  in Louisville; others were back in the way..called themselves swagging..ready to pull a heist in hostile territory..

The dog's bark was worst than the bite; bragging and boasting..using a hot style to tell the story?

O-Dog bit the hand that fed him because it misled them; my peeps were waiting in the dark!

Like my Cut-Dog or Olds Delta 88.. their vehicles were broke down...waiting in park!

O-Dog will rock with ya; I guess peeps were waiting on me to spark this!

Usually handling intergalactic business like NASA lunar probes..but now I'm back down to earth;  the mothership? I had to park this!

Whose part of this conspiracy? having my folk waiting in the dark..about to blackout..

Beep Beep Beep!! is heard as the mothership backs out of the secret compound..it's time for this black man to ride out..

  Waiting In The Dark; The Blackout Mix by omanxl1

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