Thursday, September 01, 2011

What's the Business? What's The Deal With This?

Whats the business? whats the word from a blue collar dude trapped in a corporate / white collar world?

Whats the business? it makes you wanna holla like Marvin; like  Obama..frustrated..some still hated..please!! .but I'm a target that stays moving!! word from step ahead of the drama that will unfurl!

Reality is like a tilt a whirl ride at the carnival; resources are scarce and rations are low!

School of hard knock classes are fierce!! some are irrational; some learners are slow!

The school of thought is in session!! the train is rolling... plus O-Dizzle will rock; whatcha know about this breakbeat science type business?

A fool was caught up or caught out sick like 9/11 fireman or first responders...the pain is showing..some  didn't read the signs but believed the hype; now they find out what the deal is!

Some can feel this!! but others weren't checking for me; but that could be a good thing!

Whats the business? usually it's of the intergalactic the end of the day some will recognize that this is a hood thing!

What's the business? this is a good thing we bring..this breakbeat science is beneficial..

What's the business? everything is everything...word from Booker T. Jones...this thing is official...

What's the business..what's the deal with this? check what we bring...O-Zone is with ya with this good word...while O-Dog will rock with ya...

Summer madness is coming to a close..but the saga / struggle we proceed with this danger zone front line business...but we continue to do the damn thing..haters can't stop a bruh..

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