Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT.3...Another One...Once Again...Once Again....

I had a moment or two; caught in a moment of time...frozen...this is a critical stage of development...so I had just enough time to start another one! 

The odds against success are tremendous; whose caught up in the crime? caught, executed then buried like Gaddafi...some want to see a brotha come undone!

What's the deal?  this is not the Lord's Resistance Army but my squad's official; we are not the ones that are fake with it! 

God is in control; the Lord continues to bless us..how did others roll? they said they were spiritual but they drunk the elixir and found a pill to take with it! 

Whose jumping in the fiery lake with it? we found out they're fake with it...meanwhile were dedicated to the truth...we were moving at a high velocity...faster than the speed of light...we found out they were going through the motions! 

Beats are bumping and O-Zone will take this good word and rub it on wounds like lotion! 

Let the healing process begin!! this art is official...as I come through with another one! 

Dealing with the ongoing madness; one more time..once again..once again....ecological ignorance altered the fate of some caught in a moment of time..as I go for mine...no artificial intelligence used.. please!! they want to see a brotha come undone!



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