Sunday, October 09, 2011

Damn Here We Go Again!! Now Check The Moves We Make!!

Damn here we go again!! confusion reigns; were at the point we didn't want to reach! 

Now check the moves we make...dipping on them..trying to getaway like Earth Wind and Fire; in the hooptie out on I-20 in Atlanta the tires screech! 

The prophet or prophetess said they tried to reach us; but I see they got caught up and caught out there like Eddie Long! 

We didn't stop it!! check the moves we we proceed and continue; a naysayer said we were dead wrong!

Some were fed the wrong meals by chefs in Hells Kitchen! 

Where's Chef Ramsey? were at the critical stage of development... if I do or don't somebody damns me; so like a point guard I play my position! 

You'll get played during the ongoing harsh conditions; the homies at Occupy Wall Street knew what it do...act like you knew!!  but McCoy Tyner and Phyllis Hyman said love surrounds us everywhere! 

You'll get swayed by the persuasive rhetoric; is that word from Herman Cain? please!! now koolade is drunk! 

Check this good word...check the sound...heard the pain and anguish? the odds against success are tremendous..but like I said....damn here we go again!! check this forensic rhetoric; enhanced when O-Dizzle played the brand new funk!

                  CHECK THE MOVES THAT WE MAKE 

  Check The Moves That We Make by omanxl1

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