Saturday, October 22, 2011

I-20 Chronicles...Moving At A High Velocity

Once again its on!! as we move at a high we dip down I-20 in Atlanta!

Once again its on!! down here in Georgia..staying one step ahead of Nathan Deal with the shady deal ; who'll understand a bruh? 

Chilling at South Dekalb Mall with the People's Station V-103; broadcasting live with Ryan Cameron with the Youth Health Fair! 

Moving forward at a high velocity..with the speed you need..true indeed...whose taking a stab at it? baby girl said life isn't fair! 

Word from Gaddafi..trying not to let them haters rock we go there; floating through the stream of we come with's all good on the surface; was it beginners luck? 

Soon we sunk like the Titanic; but like the Good Times theme we were able to keep our heads above water; dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck! 

Some act frantic; down to their last hanging out down by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta bumming change! 

Dealing with fanatics; aka Republicans blocking Obama from implementing change! 

Authorities were trumping up charges; arraignments at Superior Court tell the story! 

John Coltrane mentioned A Love Supreme;  I'm subject to that authority!

As scattered thoughts are collected; as we move at a high velocity..I tell this story aka the I-20 Chronicles! 

Bruised and battered all up in the game; where its all game!! this is our response to these and those!

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