Friday, October 07, 2011

Movin On Like Brass Construction

....Making that move; like Libyan rebels pushing into Sirte..but I couldn't let everybody in on it! 

Making that groove; intergalactic style!! the Brotha O-Dizzle was on it! 

Whatcha trying to prove? somebody asked...they're just a naysayer..a fanatic...rolling like Mitt Romney..what will the response be? while they had the identity theft bust in NYC I went on about this breakbeat science business! 

....Everybody seemed to be going through something; check out the Wall Street protesters.. this bad economy can get the best of I let some go on about their business!

I checked the moves others made; like Pakistan vs Afghanistan..dealing with the Taliban..some may participated in the regime change!

Even the playa playa fell in love; now like Cameo he talks about how she seems strange! 

But they liked it!! caught up in the excitement!! gluttons for punishment; based on the moves that are made! 

I had to enlighten them; we're moving on like Brass Construction..dropping this breakbeat science that proved the ongoing charade!



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