Monday, November 28, 2011

Ready To Roll...We're On Our Way

Your dude is laying in the cut; playing it like Obama while the Republicans beat up each other..right now I'm just observing the scene!

Whats the attitude? cartels and cliques are broken up...not just in the ATL where everybody is fresh and clean! 

Whats the attitude?  I've seen, heard, and been through too much for my own damn good!

Whats the attitude? please!! all around me the vibe was corporate like Citigroup; but I was too damn hood!

But I didn't abort operations..they have a spiritual significance; O-Dizzle will jam!! plus O-Zone has the good word!

I'm ready to roll..I'm on my way; like Tim Tebow.. surviving after the drama unfurled! 

...Like in the Gaza Strip rocks were hurled..NATO hits Pakistan.. plus down here in Atlanta gunfire erupted!

...A brotha might flip!! the system knocks the hustle..they thought this brotha was corrupted! 

Now the flow is interrupted I was trying to dip down the stream of consciousness! 

Whatcha know..whats up with this? we're ready to roll...were on our way..breakbeat science is dropped when we come with this!

As we run this!! but not pimping like Herman'll get caught out there like that!!

As we run this..paying the price..were ready to roll..we're on our way..somebody has to fight that..

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