Thursday, December 29, 2011

Critical Stage Of Development 2011 is gone / 2012 is here

Caught in a moment of I go for mine...this is a critical stage of development! 

Whats the deal? it is what it is...theres no where to run or hide; were trying to enhance this embellishment!

Whats the deal? the devil gets in the details now we have glitches in the matrix!

Some wont feel the vibe...they'll endorse Ron Paul like Michele Bachmann's campaign manager...others will try to damage snitches will fake it!

As we try to take it to another level...eventually the tribe  benefits from it! 

Not trying to be the supreme leader like Kim Jong Un...success?  we stake a claim to we approach that point; its the critical stage of development! 

2012 is here!! as we try to make ourselves perfectly clear!! what are we on?  somebody said it'll all end at the Winter Solstice of 2012!

Back in the day some partied like it was 1999...whats on their mind? it was supposed to be over with in I go for mine; pulling this brand new funk off of the shelf! 

O-Zone will delve into the Dark Mystery of Time and Space; seeing what it do!

Once again its on!! the funk is O-Dizzle's..the word from O-Zone...we're on the case!!  scientific like Hadron Colliders; but society is hating on these freedom riders; right here at this critical stage of development we act like we knew!

As we do what we do while were caught this moment in time...

As we do what we do...controlling things like the Strait of Hormuz 
..heard what a hater said...I wasn't amused...2012 is here...I'm going for mine...


  Critical Stages Of Development Mix by omanxl1

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