Monday, January 30, 2012

Back Down To Earth...The Mothership Has Landed

Intergalactic journeys were taken like the Mars Rover..we felt the heat like Miami...Lebron and D Wade and the mothership has landed!

We bring the light show for those waiting in the dark...A fanatic wasn't impressed with the aurora borealis!! but these brothas know what the deal is; were taken for granted! 

Love abandoned us like Rose Royce!! the song plays in the background!

Haters wanted us to lose our poise up in the its Romney vs Gingrich in Florida....but we didn't back down!

I wasn't tripping....even though I chose my poison..I didn't track them down and put handcuffs on them!

All they'll have to do is recognize the the Republican primary and Rick Santorum..actually its on them! 

Whatcha know about them? please!! these earthlings are slick like Vladimir Putin...that's what I told myself after the mothership landed!

.....Just trying to do what I do!! whether I did or didn't somebody damned it!

O-Dizzle jammed it...the funky track...based on chilling with extra terrestrials during intergalactic journeys...

Plans fizzled for an did they work things?...from Grady in Atlanta to University in Louisville players / fanatics ended up on gurneys...

Plans fizzled for an earthling..they got off to a bad start like the New York Knicks.. 

Check out how we work this the mothership lands on earth..check the breakbeat science a brotha kicks.. 


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