Saturday, February 18, 2012

Damn!! Here We Go....Once Again....Once Again

Damn!! here we go again....once again its on!!! please!! it's like the drama in Damascus...from back in the day when Paul was on the way until today...check us out...we're all up in the spot...

..once again its on!! what are some on?  they say global warming is making everything hot! 

Actually its the ongoing drama making it hot....Iranian warships post up in Syria.. check the mass can feel the tension in the air! 

Whose starting this? some will need to fall back like Nick Cannon...damn!! here we go's hot like Las Vegas or Phoenix in the we go there!

Once again!! once again!! its real...were not fake with this; we were down but we rise like the Phoenix..the funky drummer O-Dizzle is getting busy!

Once Again..Once Again!! O-Zone is dropping we interrupt very briefly!

Once Again..Once Again!! we bury another one.....R.I.P. to my sister  Whitney Houston...more than Houston has a problem..Babylon even tried to corrupt me..but I kept my force field up! 

Once Again..Once Again!! the structure was still under attack!! the arch nemesis was on the premises...whats up with this? its like in were thrown at the President....haters tried to force me to yield; they told me my time was up! 

Some show hate to me...but O-Dizzle will rock should be evident...but these earthlings aren't benevolent...crime is up!! some are down to Plan Z; somebody might understand me! 

Once again I'm dealing with these earthlings; its another forsaken place that the mothership lands me!

Once again..check out how we work these things..this is no Greek tragedy or wedding... 

Once again....check out how we work these things..but history is not repeating... 


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