Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving At A High Velocity..But Now The Mothership Has Landed..

We're rolling!! once moving at a high velocity but with the speed you need...but damn!! I can see lights blink on the instrument panel; the signals on the panel say I'm stuck!

True indeed....the check engine light is on...ABS brake light is on...low fuel light blinking; damn!! in Babylon the hooptie is running amok!

True indeed...O-Zone is running through the Babylon wilderness like Truck Turner....R.I.P. Isaac Hayes!

True indeed...monitored by drones like in Syria when I'm rolling through like an Ice Road Trucker?...wrapped in the Book of Torah like Bishop Eddie Long? naw!! but check these scriptures to see how this son of God plays! 

....Plus this son of God prays; prayers are sent up and blessings come down! 

....Plus O-Dog plays the funky music based on intergalactic cartel gatherings out on Pluto and Mars; now the mothership comes down! 

Whats going down...what goes on? it looks like devils advocates represented the blind leading the blind! 

....On so many levels...just a bunch of fanatics waiting in the dark to see what they can find!

...As we take it to another level...we're rolling..moving at a high velocity...but with the speed you need..we're coming back to earth with this; check out how we work this! 

...As we deal with another terror suspects trying to blow up the US Capitol...others were trying to kill and destroy; trying to hurt this!

I had to tell another devil.."I Ain't Scared Of You" ..that's word from Bernie Mac...

I was rolling for a minute...moving at a high velocity..but now the mothership has landed...down here with these earthlings..but a bruh's gonna have to work with that!!


Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

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