Thursday, May 17, 2012

Damn!!! I'm Still In Conflict With This World

Damn!!! once again its on!! I'm out of sync...I'm in conflict with this world! 

Caught up in the matrix / system; due to the conflict in this world!

Trying to get peace to be still; whats the deal?  that task is difficult if not impossible! 

Can't ease on down the road like The Wiz; word from Diana Ross and Michael Jackson!! ill factions will try to stop a bro!

I guess this is the Last Dance for Donna Summer;  whats the forecast? its going to be a hot whats up with another? as corporations state plans  that aren't feasible; so now we have mass layoffs! 

From Greece to Spain some are in pain...told to abort operations; that's what the system even told my team members!! they told us we won't make the playoffs! 

Please!! if we do make it we might get upset like Miami..whats the deally? in the sport obligations and distractions made me stray off the path! 

O-Dizzle will continue to rock nations / galaxies while O-Zone will stay off in this math! 

We stay catching the wrath of so called titans because we didn't go along with the program!

Please!! while some worry about the Facebook IPO the ship was sinking like the Titanic.....while the orchestra played the slow jam! 

Slow down man!!! a fanatic was told; face to face with a thing you know they crashed / burned! 

I took it slow....but a joker was big balling / power tripping; but
couldn't be saved by the cash they earned!

 Rational thinking took place... lessons learned; but I wasn't tripping even though I'm still in conflict with this world! 

Local or international with this thing!! noticed in the Hague haters had the capacity to withhold the truth...sounding vague..soon the drama unfurled!


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