Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its Time For Transition / Circulating (The Scripture)

As we proceed and continue; as the earth shakes like Italy..whats the deally?  we checked the clock; now its time for transition! 

True indeed!!!  its like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James checking the shot clock... then getting out in transition..on fast breaks hitting a last second shot; so how you living? 

That's what they asked me...I dealt with the fakes..played me like I'm a tyrant from Syria causing mass hysteria... true indeed; but I'm going in..drunk an energy drink....Sobe or Red Bull; now I'm ready to pull a caper! 

Checked out the vibe; its full of negative energy....just like the butler snitching at The Vatican...a fool was trying to pull their own caper! 

Whats up man? spotted the old Buick Regal dipping down Candler Rd in Decatur...dude said he's in transition..these jokers act a fool out here trying to get this paper!! just like Wall Street they're cutting up! 

Meanwhile beat brokers like O-Dog are circulating through the galaxy out beyond Pluto with stops in Mars and Venus; now its the intergalactic funk he's chopping and cutting up!

Spoken and written words are circulating through the cosmos per O-Zone; somebody might get the message! 

Its the word from the hot messenger....out here in the danger zone...accused of being a hot mess with it! 

Whats the deal with it? the apparatus is stressing it...please!! they're even stressing Justin Bieber....but check the manifest destiny!

 Whats the deal with it? Its time for transition!! can't let the system get the best of me!

Knowing there's no rest for me...no justice no peace is the catch phrase...

But we keep circulating through the galaxy..at the moment chilling catching Gemini sun rays...

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