Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Whole Game Is Shady Like Grady

Peeping game; its like the Kennedy Curse...check this verse or two as I act like I knew...I jumped to the conclusion...the whole game is Shady Like Grady! 

Whose sleeping in the game? please!! you'll get gaffled like Trayvon Martin ; something is always going down..that way?  shadetree mechanics hands stay dirty! 

They never clean them!!  now spreading like HIV...check the germs, bacteria, and pathogens!

Observing the scene;  I see some are ready to roll...just like Syria..they're on the warpath again! 

But I'm working this thing blue collar style; I had more math for them...rolling like Space X as I get scientific! 

That's the essence of this discipline; knowledge is dropped..that's how I kick it! 

No benevolence is shown in Babylon; like Mitt Romney or even Herman Cain politicians babble on; but the conversation is not relevant! 

The devil gets in the details!! but snitches still tattle...just check the war crimes courts and tribunals in Hague...they're letting authorities know about it! 

In hostile territories they'll twist and shout it...all up in these sports  comments are vague; even though they run and tell it! 

Check the hot styles used to tell these stories; the test? I won't fail it! 

As we deal with it...the madness; knowing the whole game is shady!

Whats the deal?  as I come back with this..somebody even tried to play me!

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