Sunday, July 22, 2012

Business As Usual...Diplomatic Immunity Was Revoked

Diplomatic immunity was some were escorted out by security! 

.....Dude said he was right and the world was wrong...he said he was in conflict with it... but even the cat was killed by curiosity! 

That cat was on the wrong property!!! all up in the spot..said he was running it! 

That cat had the Bernie Madoff or Peter Madoff style; or maybe stacking or hiding paper like Mitt Romney...running it! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed; O-Dizzle is funky drumming it..the response will be appropiate! 

The tonic or elixir is drunk; bath salts for others or maybe some other barbituate or opiate! 

Its ironic!! some were DWI like Jason Kidd; no hope for it..after diplomatic immunity is revoked! 

Whats the response to it? who are you kidding? some dipped back to the community...but like Syria martial law is invoked!

Penn State states they never choked..Joe Paterno's statue is taken down..

Others have been feeling the hate...they learned the hard way bro!! like out in Aurora per James Holmes....the innocent were taken down... 

Others have been feeling the hate...from the ATL to over in Syria;
to even over in Egypt... the innocent were taken down... even some diplomats are taken down..immunity is revoked...

Whats up son? some will need to fast and pray during Ramadan..
they'll need to get their minds right...others dipped back to the in Chicago...where martial law is invoked...


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