Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still Dealing With The Information Overload

Checked out the staff meeting as thought and fashion police collaborate to discuss rules and regulations! 

Contributing to the confusion in the world..check the information overload.....mind over matter? no heart or intuition used? soon the institution abused...check the penalties and fines for late registrations! 

While the International Space Station tries do detect dark matter those that hate propose legislations; told some of my kinfolk  the transformation to a drug overlord was the wrong move!

 Skating on thin ice affected by global warming?  check the weather..meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming....under or over mode? like in a projects crap game..what were they trying to prove? 

Waiting in the dark with their faction...said they're about to blackout...but like Syrian troops in Aleppo ...authorities put the move on them! 

Waiting in Shawnee Park in Louisville back in the day; ah!!! checking out The Sunday Car Show....chilling in the Buick deuce and a quarter...busting a move on them! 

....Thoughts of rolling down Broadway and Muhammad Ali in the Ville was discussed with big homie down here in the ATL! 

No information overload...true to the street code...a veteran now coaching...called a play; busted a move on these jokers rolling like Mitch McConnell......they wanted us to fail! 

The Lord wanted us to prevail; the devil and his advocates get crushed by The Sonic Assault....ignored the strands of information that were coming in too printouts with data circled in red...we use our heart and intuition when they tried to blow our minds with the information overload!

Stayed on one were back with this...check the transformation as we go into breakbeat scientific mode!

Intergalactic / scientific like Delta Aquarid Meteor Showers...please!! these last hours will have others tripping....

Back with it...exercising power..not losing our aura of invincibility like Michael the deep waters? were still dipping...




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