Sunday, August 12, 2012

Debatable Circumstances; The Mixture and The Scripture

Peeped game; a lot of 12th house activity was taking circumstances were debatable..were we being built or torn down? 

Whose asleep in the game? others are geeked..full of activity.. others take chances but they're going around in circles...word from  Billy Preston; others were stressing...wishing it was simple...there's a lot of weird energy floating around! 

All up in the spot...trying to bounce or pimp through...but thought and fashion police told you to get on the ground like an episode of Cops! 

.....An old episode at that!!  fashionistas were found rocking mullets and stone washed jeans...but its in their genes; the drama never stops!

 O-Dizzle is in funk mode.....he cosmic slops;  check the sound as he gets down with that! 

 O-Zone is ignoring the reign; similar to Syria....that reign that began with a drizzle; peeped whats the dizzle with  Romney and Ryan...or frick and frack? 

They thought they were slick with that!!! information overloads occurred..but at the end of the day I found out they were slacking!

Being built or torn down? similar to corporations that are fracking! 

They said it relates to earthquakes...word from whats up man? being built or torn down? dissension led to fragging; circumstances were debatable...Wikileaks due to hacking;  what does it lead do?

As we put it down like this!! like the Team USA hoops team..losing and winning streaks experienced ; as we let it do what it do!

But we're acting like we knew..but we felt the pressure...just like others...that's business as usual in Babylon

Debatable circumstances...being built or torn down? O-Dizzle continues to hit you up with the sound..O-Zone will babble on!!

                       SUNDAY JAZZ CONTINUES


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