Friday, August 31, 2012

Still Asking That Question; Was Diplomatic Immunity Revoked?

The drama continues to go Mitt Romney...the hustlers hustled..the players played...jokers some dipped back to the community! 

Back in the hood...times are hard..whose thin like Skinny Disney characters?... so whats good? it appears the system revoked their diplomatic immunity!

Dude said there was a breach of security.... now like LAPD the authorities will have a show of force! 

Rude with it!!  as rockets red glare and bombs burst in the air; but that's par for the course!

Shrewd with it? the 98 year old message in the bottle  just arrived...of course things will be a bit is like that! 

Dude!! whats up with it? blowing in like Hurricane Isaac..coming through at a high velocity...full throttle...of course things will be a bit messy!! toil and strife is like that! we continue to fight that;  the ongoing spiritual is not a box of chocolates per Forrest Gump..not a bottle of Vlasic pickles either...were in survival mode;  out here gathering and hunting! 

...dropping science / knowledge....O-Dizzle's sound will check the math we bring; others were sitting on the toilet dropping turds.. grunting! 

The third base coach was dropping signs; the batter was bunting but soon he was thrown out! 

Murder was the case per the Syrian authorities; diplomatic immunity was revoked even though a joker was going all out! 

The judge heard the case; it was like Apple vs Samsung...but he had his doubts; now diplomatic immunity is revoked! 

Whats the word on the curb? were on the case!! but nobody would work with me...they were sick like the Hantavirus...all they did was slack or joked!


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