Sunday, August 12, 2012

Was Diplomatic Immunity Revoked?

Was diplomatic immunity revoked?  so called saints got reckless! 

East side living like The Jeffersons...R.I.P Sherman Hensley..we then dipped back to the community; but there's no respect for this! 

Gunshots ring out in between thunder and lightning; gunclaps during the storm...... thugs flex this and that so called muscle!

 Running spots in the Atlanta suburbs like Mexican Cartels; thugs flex..players play and the hustlers hustle! 

All up in spots where the attitude is funky like O-Dogs sound; like at Logan airport in Boston due to racial profiling...some stank!! they're foul! 

All up in in the Chinese economy....where the morale is low amongst the rank and foul! 

Somebody yanked the covers off while we were sleeping; please!! there's no where to run and were feeling the cold! 

Somebody was a sacrificial lamb / thrown under the road kill;  man this world has turned cold! 

Love / hate relationships were like Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand...what's up man? Atlas this world? things are at a standstill... whose really moving forward? 

Unwanted merchandise and products are in the landfill; who wanted them? 

Whats up with them?  caught up in the system / matrix..after they were used and abused the euphoria wore off! 

Now diplomatic immunity is revoked; like Chuck Connors in Branded medals and stripes are torn off! 

......the uniform; dipping back to the community..but there's a new norm; old girl said "things done changed"

She was asking....who will stick and stay? or maybe even try dipping...whose tripping after things were re-arranged?


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