Sunday, November 25, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / We Kept On Running

Down here in the ATL....dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on the Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend...but playing that Louisville style...even though beat by Duke..check how we stay on the move! 

Some are caught under the spell..whats the deal? some of it due to the information overload...word from a crook like Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey and other self help / relationship gurus..whats the deally? what were they trying to prove? 

Whose wanting to know the deal about the style asking others about us..asking what were they trying to prove! 

It's real like Isley Brothers! ...check the Sonic Assault..we're trying to groove with you...wasn't hating like Karl Rove

Wasn't debating irrelevant issues...peeping game; please!! its like the decree from Morsi in Egypt...the thought and fashion police will try to surprise brothas! 

I even felt the pressure...dealing with known and unknown issues...not hating but can't be concerned with another's...

Roadblocks were set up in Atlanta...Dekalb or Clayton Counties; who will collect bounties? jokers said they said they had a prize for brothas;  a blessing..but it can turn into a curse! 

Dipping down I-20 in funk mode..O-Dizzle rocks...ignored the hustle knocks...similar to Taliban bomb attacks...but based on gossip, lies, and innuendo; whatcha know? check the case of the'll be the worse!

 Check how bubbles burst; now some are mad because Obama won ....they want to secede from the union! 

Troubles affect hearts...some didn't take Sean Hannity's advice; please!!  demon deacons administered the communion! 

....not from Wake Forest...but jokers were fake in the forest;  brothas like me kept on running! 

Sometimes it seemed we were standing alone against the world..but we ignored the deliberate falsehood....jokers were acting false in the hood; I'm done with them!

It Got Lonely Out There; But We Kept On Running..Check The Mix out...put down by O-Dizzle....


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