Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Supreme Courage; I Mentioned This Earlier

The saga / struggle continues...I mentioned earlier;  we needed supreme courage! maximum strength so we can go the length; but the other team is like the New York will try to discourage! the system will encourage them to continue their evil ways ..they didn't change them per Santana! they say the hood is a mafioso / terrorist stronghold;  trump cards some hold from Oakland / The Bay Area to Louisville..on down here to Atlanta! 

Who'll understand a bruh? checked the scenario...rock the boat like the Hues Corporation or maybe Aaliyah was the strategy of dude trying to catch up on his pimping...meanwhile we raise up on them to hit the game winning shot! 

Whose corporation is shady like UBS AG?  or maybe Wal-Mart..some had to "block the boat" ...we had to let it go; so we let go!! this phase is up..its over; but we learned a lot! 

We gathered strength per Al B Sure..on the strength!! O-Dizzle will rock..O-Zone had the quote...we turned it up to the maximum! 

Supreme Courage is exercised...for sure!! the Sword of Truth is carried.. those that once sweated the technique?  were taxing them!

Whose discouraged after going through the torture chamber?  sanctioned or unsanctioned...

Whose discouraged?..approaching the fiscal cliff.. caught out there...DUI like Sam Donaldson..

Whats the response man? haters will encroach on territory like Israeli settlements..

Whats the response man? supreme courage and maximum strength is needed..that way we can settle it..





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