Saturday, June 01, 2013

Business As Usual / Standing Alone Against The World

All up in the spot trying to chill!! …dealing with the real / authentic…but this is business as usual!

Its a rough deal for Oklahoma as the storms continue…more than global warming is making it hot? I see the fabric starting to rot… a fanatic will scheme and plot…I see these  jokers are trying to act brand new with a bruh!

I’m off on some “other other” pretty soon it might be hard to get with me!

Sometimes it feels I’m standing alone against the world …damn!! whose with me?

But I suddenly feel like a giant…but not out there with the’s unlike the one David fought!

They said the drama is like the Palestine graves in Tel Aviv…what do you believe? whose refusing to be compliant? they even said I’m  misbehaving with it when I brought this Sonic Assault

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