Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Doing What I Do

Prime suspect in Babylon?  please!! I'm all about peace like the Dalai Lama; but jokers act like they didn't trust me! 

They wondered what I was on!! intergalactic with the drama? now the thought and fashion police want to bust me! 

NYPD undercovers were pulling Hollywood Stuntz? ...Can't truss them per Public Enemy!! so whats the deally? would lust do me in?  sex, money, and drugs were a players downfall! 

Would rust do me in?  naw!! I'm a well oiled machine!  the simple wasn't made complex...its on me!!  prayers are sent up!!  God blesses us..spiritual!  even though I ran with the thugs up in Louisville..but it wasn't a players downfall!

These days?  I get down y'all !!  that's the deal !!!  its not odd...I'm gonna do what I do!

 Breakbeat scientific!!  similar to studying the God Particle  like Peter showing heart y'all !! at least acting like I knew! 

I'm gonna do what I do!  the fresh view / fresh vision principle is followed!

 Similar to the Janet Jackson Pleasure Principle?  I don't think so!  like Eric B and Rakim no mistakes are allowed! 

Doing what I do!! no fakes are allowed on the premises! 

Every now and then security lapses... like the nine year old from Minneapolis flying to Las Vegas...or Houston fans rolling up on Matt Schaub's house...soon the arch nemesis was on the premises making empty promises! 

Uncle Thomases and Aunt Jemimas surround us down here in the ATL!! ...damn!! they're caught up in a moment of time! 

During this critical stage of development they're waiting in the dark ...but I'm gonna do what I do.... I'm going for mine!



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